Film: Traveling Lighter with Paul Hedderman – A video satsang

Traveling Lighter with Paul Hedderman – A video satsang

“Probably none of you are here for ‘nothing,’ but if you could come away with that, that would be something.”
~ Paul Hedderman


Practical and profound, Paul Hedderman‘s philosophy blends his experience in recovery with the wisdom of Advaita and Non-duality. He calls on us to consider our deeply held notions about self and awareness under a fresh light, and points to a simpler and lighter way of being in the world. A man of no pretense, Paul’s unique language and solid presence speak to the depth of his understanding of the human condition—in which the original addiction is the mind’s addiction to being a “self.”Filmed in High-Definition and featuring music by Kirtan chant artist and sacred singer/songwriter David Newman. Also known as Durga Das, David’s music embodies a devotional mysticism, poetic intimacy, and a joyous, often ecstatic quality that amplifies this film into a video satsang. David is also the founder of The Stay Strong Project and Yoga on Main in Philadelphia.

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Praise for the Film:

Marc Fortin, Zen sword master and Headmaster of Kwan Um Do Kwang school says:

Paul’s message is as sudden as enlightenment and as gradual as its cultivation. A message which is clear like space, as natural as the sun and moon, and as magical as their properties. Paul remains a true navigator in the unknown, dispensing spiritual truth with the ease and comfort of the next right thing. A message of wisdom and compassion along the river of life.

A recent viewer:

I’ve been familiar with Hedderman for several years and and have found resonance with much of his communication and message. I truly enjoyed “Traveling Lighter” and will no doubt take it in many times. Well done!

Another viewer comments:

From a layman’s point of view the film is brilliant, a work of art, with the focus where it should be: on Paul, without a wasted moment.

The comments keep coming:

Thanks so much for making a film about a not so conventional teacher who powerfully and clearly teaches important spiritual truths from his own awakening. Refreshing!

Keep ’em coming:

Your films have affected me profoundly and I am so grateful for your work. Loved the video satsang of ‘Traveling Lighter’.