Film: Meetings with Remarkable Women – exploring the divine feminine

Meetings With Remarkable Women: a film about the Divine Feminine

“Wonderfully reflective.” ~ Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor of Religion, CUNY

Meetings With Remarkable Women explores the divine feminine through a portrait of the spiritual paths of five women:

  • Linda Clair — an Australian spiritual teacher whose discipline of meditation led to a profound spiritual realization.
  • Anima Pundeer — whose childhood in India steeped her in spiritual traditions, but it took a journey to America before she realized her true desire was to find enlightenment.
  • Jem — who lived the roles of wife, mother, engineer, musician, and writer before discovering Reiki and A Course in Miracles; paths that eventually led her to a spiritual awakening.
  • Heather — from Christian to Atheist, Buddhist to free-form seeker of self knowledge wrestling with meditation, self-inquiry, and prayer.
  • Deborah — who, after the tragic loss of her husband, launched a years-long spiritual path through ancient Buddhist texts and the practice of Yoga that culminated in the discovery of a deep and lasting inner peace.

Through their compelling stories of struggle and discovery, each woman tells an inspiring tale of change and revelation that is worthy of viewing time and again.

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-102 min, plus extrasthe divine feminine

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Meetings With Remarkable Women DVD

Praise for the Film:

Jac O’Keeffe,, Author: Born to be Free:

A most welcome initiative that can help support women engaged in contemporary spirituality. Meetings With Remarkable Women beautifully informs the viewer of how the experience of women called to enquiry differs in subtle and specific ways to the patriarchal representation widely available. It is a joy to watch how consciousness redresses this balance. This production offers a forum to women who speak openly and honestly about an inner pull towards what is beyond all conceptual thought.

Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D., Author: Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul,
Founding Exec. Editor, Journal of Consciousness Studies, Assoc Professor of Religion, CUNY, writes:

Meetings with Remarkable Women is a dive into the lives of some delightful women, wonderfully reflective. They tell their stories well, and we are drawn into their lives and insights. For someone, especially a woman, who is curious about what else is there, what else can we find that offers meaning and value, this movie is a gem.

Tess Hughes says:

The dvd arrived today and I watched it immediately. It is wonderful and I have no doubt that many will benefit from it.
As we say in Ireland, when someone does something great, “fair play to ya!”

A Viewer, shared her thoughts:

These women of wisdom exemplify the divine feminine.

Lawrence B. Inderbitzin, M.D., DLFAPA, Professor emeritus, Emory University School of Medicine:

I found the poignant stories of these ardent seekers inspirational, and a message of hope for all aspiring to self-realization.