March 2017 Retreat – Lessons of Impermanence

“The words ‘This, too, will pass’ are pointers toward Reality. In pointing to the impermanence of all forms, by implication, they are also pointing to the eternal. Only the eternal in you can recognize the impermanent as impermanent.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Join us for a weekend retreat exploring impermanence in our exterior as well as interior lives. Noticing the rising and passing nature of all things can lead to freedom rather than fear and attachment. Through discussion, meditation, and small group exercises we will reveal the lessons of impermanence that lead to both psychological well-being and spiritual awakening.



March 3rd to 5th, 2017, 6:00 PM Friday till 1:00 PM Sunday.

Special Guest: Paul Hedderman – Paul is a well-known spiritual teacher whose specialty is questioning the reality of the long lasting, independent, separate entity that we call the “self.”

Special Guest: Michael Taft – Michael is a meditation teacher and bestselling author with over thirty years of meditation experience. He teaches techniques that illuminate the impermanence of all experience and lead to direct awakening.



Four Springs retreat center, just 85 miles north of San Francisco. Four Springs rests on 280 acres of woods in the foothills north of Mount Saint Helena. “The lodge, cabins, art and meditation buildings, library and seminar room, together with pool, grape arbor, meadows and trails create a sanctuary that is removed from daily distractions.”


“Better it is to live one day seeing the rise and fall of things than to live a hundred years without ever seeing the rise and fall of things.” ~ The Buddha


$150 to $200 per person.  Fees cover lodging and all meals and snacks for Friday night to Sunday afternoon and vary depending on your choice of lodging: Founders Cabins have a double bed and private bath (SOLD OUT).  Duplex Hoodoo Cabins have two twin beds on each side of the duplex and share a bath. Lastly, the five Hoodoo Creek Cabins have two twin beds each and share an adjacent bathhouse.

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Duplex Hoodoo Cabin – 2 twin beds and shared bath
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Hoodoo Creek Cabin – 2 twin beds and shared bathhouse
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While we try to keeps costs at a minimum, we recognize that some who wish to participant may be unable to afford the registration cost. Please consider making a donation which will go directly towards funding a fellow seeker’s participation. To be considered for a scholarship, please email.

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